Celebrating Our Staff July

By July 24, 2022 September 29th, 2022 blog

This month’s Star Team Member was nominated by all of our team! He’s one of our Clinic Caretakers and I can’t express how proud I am that so many people came to me personally to ask for this person to be acknowledged. They haven’t been with us very long, not very long at all actually; but their hard work, dedication and wonderful persona has been seen, felt and appreciated by all. Let’s all give a huge, massive and overwhelming round of applause for Keldon Barker.

Thank you, Keldon, for joining us, being present and doing an incredible job. You’re amazing.

Below are some kind words written by other team members.

“Keldon, from the moment we met, I knew you were great. During your interview, I could tell how kind, and earnest you are. I’m so happy to see you here, with us, thriving. Looking forward to getting to know you better and seeing you excel. Cheers!”

“Keldon is always eager and willing to help at all times. He always brings a friendly and cheerful attitude with him to work and somehow manages to hear all the silliness that goes on. I’m glad he’s a part of our team! It made working smoother and has made a significant difference in our hospital’s appearance overall. Continue the excellent work and most importantly thank you for helping after both my head and the dog’s noggin collided 🥲”

“Sorry I’m late!

Since the first day you arrived at Court Square I could tell your work ethic and spirit was amazing! You strive to make our day go smooth and focus on the cleanliness and organization of the hospital. We are very thankful you joined the team and even though you haven’t been with us long, you fit right in :)”

“You take pride in your work and have made such a difference.

You also do not limit yourself but always seem curious and show interest in what we do. You are eager to help out if we ask without hesitation.”

“I was also very impressed how you seem to take to our kitty 🐈‍⬛ friends!

You are great : )”

“Keldon, I’m so happy you joined the team. You’re one of the kindest human beings i’ve ever met!”

“Keldon, you are incredible! From your vibes to your amazing  attention to detail. Your willingness to help with any and everything at a moments notice makes working with you such a pleasure. Thank you for all that you do. You fit perfectly in our lil work family.

Oh lastly it is everything when you laugh at something with your whole spirit. One can’t help but laugh even harder. Lol”

“Definitely a whole vibe and am glad you have joined the team. You fit in perfectly with the insanity that is LIC. Your willingness to help whenever and wherever is truly appreciated. You go Glen Coco ‼️”

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