One of New York’s Oldest and Most Respected Veterinary Practices

New York City Veterinary Group started out at East Side Animal Hospital when it was founded in 1948 and is one of the oldest veterinary animal hospitals in New York City. Since its earliest days in Midtown Manhattan, we have proven ourselves to be thorough and compassionate. Through your pet, we have become part of your life and part of your neighborhood. Now with 2 locations in Long Island City, we have become part of that neighborhood as well. Our veterinarians in Midtown and Long Island City provide the best care a pet can get.

Keeping Pets Healthy and Living Longer

Prevention is critical to a healthy, long life for your pet. Even if you have a rescue pet, or an adopted pet that has had a rough start, it’s not too late to give him or her the gift of good health and a long, happy life. Here’s how NYC Veterinary Group can help you achieve that:

  • Annual wellness blood screen
  • Vaccine planning
  • Natural supplement and vitamin recommendations
  • Teeth cleaning for dogs and cats
  • Weight loss program
  • Arthritis treatment
  • Preventative medications
  • Maintenance of life long chronic disease
  • Grooming

Boarding and Daycare Provided at East Side Animal Hospital

East Side Animal Hospital provides dog boarding and doggie daycare with a great outdoor space where dogs can play off leash. We also board cats for those weekend getaways or those long trips.

Call us to book your pet’s stay.

East Side Animal Hospital 212-751-5176


Grooming is not only necessary to make your pet look great, it’s an important part of their health and happiness.

A full grooming with our master groomer includes a brush out, nail clipping,shampoo bath and conditioner rinse, full blow out by our heat controlled hand dryer, and a full haircut at your request.

We provide one-on-one appointment-based services while focusing on comfort, safety, and a stress-free environment.

Groomings are offered at East Side Animal Hospital and LIC Veterinary Center. Call us and book your pet’s next spa treatment with us.

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A Fear Free Veterinary Visit

We have extensive experience working with dogs and cats that are sensitive or anxious at the vet. We provide positive reinforcement with treats and TLC. Even our groomer takes her time with each pet to minimize their stress. If needed, our doctors can prescribe a light medication to help relieve some anxiety to help your pet be more more relaxed when at the vet or when traveling. Just ask us how we can help.

Late Arrival & Cancellation

We try our best to see everyone as close as possible to their scheduled appointment time. Please review our full Late Arrival & Cancellation Policy below.

Late Arrival & Cancellation