Online Pharmacy

NYC Vet Group welcomes you to our online pharmacy, bringing you unprecedented convenience and pricing for your pet’s prescriptions and diets. Our pharmacy carries a complete supply of medications and prescription foods that can be delivered directly to your home from a completely trustworthy source.

In our ongoing effort to make your pet’s health care as convenient as possible, you can now request a refill for your pet’s prescription medication or prescription diet online. Our online pharmacy is linked to our system and medical records for fast approval. Once prescriptions are approved, our pharmacy will notify you with a confirmation and all information becomes a permanent part of your pet’s medical record.

With autoship, you never have to worry about running out, or requesting approvals. Its done automatically and you get deeper discounts. Check it out. Plus, all of the products sold through our website include the manufacturer’s guarantee, a pledge that big box national discount pet pharmacies cannot make. So let’s support small businesses and keep it in our neighborhood. Need help? Give us a call or visit our online Pharmacy today.

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