• Questionnaire for Pet International Health Certificate

    Preparing for international travel can take time depending on the destination and its requirements. Plan in advance. Fill out the questionnaire below. The information you provide will help us complete your pet’s international health certificate.
  • The Owner | No One | a Pet transport company | Other
  • for example: Delta HL657
  • NOTE: Depends on the age of your pet a RABIES VACCINATION needed to be up to date, if not your pet needs a Rabies Vaccine 21 days prior to your trip. If your pet needs a Microchip your pet will also need a Rabies Vaccination 21 days prior to your trip.
  • In general there are two methods of acquiring endorsement of a health certificate: 1. Mailing (UPS, FedEx,) we will give you the address to mail in the documents OR 2. In-person (appointment@ JFK Location)we will give you the information to set up an appointment. Please let us know which one you will be doing in order to better help you with your travel documents.
  • Please Note: Check with your airline to determine what requirements they require, if any. Airlines may have separate and additional requirements from those of your destination country. If you intend to bring your pet back into the U.S., there may be certain re-entry requirements, depending on where you traveled. You should plan for them now. After your health certificate has been completed, signed, and dated by your veterinarian, most countries require that international health certificates be submitted to a USDA APHIS Veterinary Services office for endorsement. Please make sure to set up an appointment with your USDA office as soon as you can.